“Not viewing your email marketing as content is a mistake.”

Chris Baggott, CEO of Compendium

Ok, you've got the fresh new website, now you need to engage your clients and customers and get your valuable business information, inspiration and special offers out to them. One of the most effective and easiest ways to do this is by regular contact with a MAILCHIMP email newsletter...

I can help you:
  • Import your database(s) into Mailchimp

  • Consolidate more than one database into your main email list (or individual lists)

  • Create your email newsletter template

  • Set up your automated responders for new subscriptions via your website

  • Create your newsletters for you with content you provide and then send them on your behalf (or send them yourself once finalised)

MailChimp Packages:

Email Marketing.jpg

MailChimp Starter

Let's get you set up and underway with MailChimp...

  • Import your database and create your main MailChimp list

  • Set up auto-responding for subscriptions from your website

  • Set up email newsletter template

Marketing Design.jpg

3 Month Taster

An introduction to using my services to save you valuable time and money...

  • Up to 2 MailChimp email campaigns set up and sent on your behalf per month for 3 months.

  • These can be blog posts, specials, event announcements or any combination.


6 Month Breather

Using my services for 6 months to give you breathing space for other things...

  • Up to 2 MailChimp email campaigns set up and sent on your behalf per month for 6 months.

  • These can be blog posts, specials, event announcements or any combination.

Christine Balzer-Gibbs.png

Over the years Paula has helped me tremendously with computer and website glitches that have potentially stopped me moving forward with my business expansion.

She sorted out my data base, uploaded it to Mailchimp and helped me write, edit and find appropriate photos to make my newsletters look sharp, professional and appealing.

I couldn’t do without her and she does it with such ease, nothing is ever too hard for her.​

Kymberley Carter-Paige.jpg

I was recommended Paula through a friend who told me she was a wiz with client marketing through MailChimp newsletters and Facebook.


Having just started my business I was trying to do it ALL - marketing, write blogs, treat clients and manage and edit my website. I found I was spending far too much time trying to learn how to do it all that it took me away from what I really wanted to do, and that was emotionally heal my clients.

I found Paula could do what I needed for my business in a quarter of the time as me, as I had to learn it all first and much of it was over my head. Paula ended up redesigning my website to fit with my brand and I am thrilled with it.

She will now be my lifelong Assistant with anything internet business related as she is fast, efficient, and really understands mine and my business needs. It works out so much cheaper paying her to do in an hour that would take me four hours to complete.

I almost didn’t want to write this as she is so fabulous at what she does I am reluctant to share her!

Jody Brown_edited.jpg

Thank you Paula for coming into my life.  Paula has gone above and beyond to help me with my business; through working with me to design over and over again my website; help me with MailChimp newsletters; be my sounding board and become my first team member in by business. 


She is more valuable than gold and I can't recommend her highly enough.


Jody - Byron Bay Australia.