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 “To be creative is to let little pieces of your heart go & place them into each project you make.”
–Pat Bravo

Frequently asked questions

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Is Wordpress better than Wix?

I made my very first website on Wordpress when I did an online workshop back in 2012. It was a huge learning curve and I was very proud of my efforts as I did the entire thing by myself and it was the first time I had done anything like that.


I found it hugely challenging and complicated, in that what you see on the template demo sites are not what you get to start off with. You basically have to build the entire thing from the ground up with plugins. I never did get my site looking exactly how I wanted it.


I have had plugins that have crashed the whole site meaning I couldn't even get in to edit anything...having to do Live Chat's with my host in the USA to restore it and get back into it. This was hugely frustrating as I didn't know which plugin caused the issue (you need to update plugins and Wordpress regularly, much like any computer programme you use). And of course the downtime involved in sorting out the problem just left me feeling very annoyed (putting it mildly!)  Read more...

Is Wix SEO as good as Wordpress?

Wix has come up with a fair bit of negative publicity around their SEO in particular. Now, I'm not an SEO expert but I have done a lot of research into this.


There are so many opinions out there about this but here are some articles I advise you to read that give you reasons why Wix doesn't deserve the bad rap it gets.  Read more...

Are your sites mobile friendly?

Absolutely! Wix has a separate editing screen that allows you to customise the mobile view. It does require some fiddling and it's something to be aware of when you are editing anything on your site in desktop mode as you need to ensure that it looks ok on mobile view as well.

Can I edit my website myself?

YES! That's one of the main reasons I work with WiX. It's so easy to edit your pages! I take you through training and show you how to do text and image edits yourself. However, if it all gets too hard or you just don't have the time then of course I can do any edits for you quickly and easily through my affordable Maintenance Packages.

My current site is hosted with my old designer how do I get it back?

If you want to completely change your old site to a new Wix one then it's a pretty straight forward process. 


We can transfer the ownership of your domain name(s) to you (your designer gives us a code from the registration company to complete the transfer) and your hosting is covered under your Wix account and the template we use. The domain name is then pointed to Wix and va-voom it's all done!


That's why I set everything up under your name - all accounts are in YOUR name, you retain full ownership of everything. So if you want to go elsewhere or I stop doing what I'm doing, you're completely free to do as you please.

I don’t have a big website budget, can you still help?

Absolutely! Gosh, I know how hard it is starting out in business and all the upfront expense involved before you even begin! My clients are all self-employed, solo operators (just like me!) so I completely understand where you're at.


I can create just one page if that's all you can afford to get started. At least it gets you out there on the internet and gives you somewhere to send clients until you can get more pages up.


I work within your budget, so if you can only afford one page to get started that's what we do, and then we can add more later. We go through your requirements when we have your FREE 30 minute consultation. I also have provision for you to pay using Afterpay which can spread payments out for you.

How long will my website take to design?

This has many variables such as how many pages your site has, how many other additional requirements like a store, booking system, events, blog, etc.  Also, how long it takes to get your content (I can't start the site until I have ALL content). How long it takes for revisions to be viewed and feedback given. I do have strict timelines in place so workflow is consistent and clients get their sites at the agreed deadline. Please see Understanding Web Design Timelines and if you have any questions please reach out.

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