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Wanderlust Design - the WiX Fixer!

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Creating a website involves more than just aesthetics.


Many DIY platform users overlook essential rules and practices. For instance, in WiX's Classic Editor, content should stay within page margins to ensure compatibility with smaller screens like iPads.


Additionally, WiX has a separate mobile editor, necessitating adjustments for mobile optimisation.


Ignoring fundamentals like alt tags, image sizing, SEO, and Google connectivity undermines a website's full functionality.


Need help with your WiX site? Reach out to us for expert fixes!

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Want to create your WiX website yourself? 
These tips are for YOU:

WiX DIY Website Tip #1 - Image and Video file size
WiX DIY Website Tip #2 - SEO is critical

Stuck with the WiX Editor?

If you do get stuck or are unsure how to navigate the WiX editor, we also offer online WiX training - one hour $150.00

  • We cover the basics plus whatever else you want to know

  • The session is recorded on Zoom and the recording is then sent to you for future reference

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