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SEO WiX Versus WordPress?

WiX has come up with a fair bit of negative publicity around their SEO when comparing with WordPress. Now, I'm not an SEO expert but I have done a lot of research into this, so, who wins in the WiX versus WordPress SEO debate?

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There are so many opinions out there about this but here are some articles I advise you to read that give you reasons why Wix doesn't deserve the bad rap it gets.

Mark Preston is one of the top SEO experts in the WORLD. Read his article about Wix SEO and why he moved his site FROM WordPress to Wix!

Josep Garcia (from Website Tool Tester) has written an article and one of the moderator's has this to say: "In our experience, getting high rankings is usually the result of having interesting, regularly-updated content and a good optimization strategy - there's no tool available that can boost rankings without these. Offering content that visitors would find really useful (e.g. blogs, guides, tips and recommendations) is probably the single most powerful thing you can do SEO-wise."

As with anything, there are hundreds of articles online about SEO and comparisons between Wix and WordPress. SEO is a specialised field and is much much more than just putting key words into your website back end.

Google does not care what platform your website is made on, it's searching for your content and keywords.

Content is King. You need good keyword-rich content throughout all your's another great article from Wix explaining the necessity of fresh content to help your SEO.

Google also searches for sites that have action - so updating your site regularly via a blog or continually editing your page content. Also advertising on social media, on your business cards, etc. and driving people to your site by other means. Just because you have a website doesn't mean people are going to miraculously find you among the millions of others out there.

Here's another article about content and trying to get to that Google Gold position.

Still need convincing? Check out these 2 posts:


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