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One-page websites (landing pages) are our specialty!

Charli McLachlan one-page website
Unfurl one-page website
Born Free Coaching one-page website
Small Engine Services one-page website
McMaster Mortgages one-page website
Sarsha Mather Lawyer one-page website
Fontein Professional Services one-page website
Cedar Hub one-page website

For newcomers to business, depending solely on social media to attract clients is not sufficient. Establishing a robust online web presence is essential, and the good news is, you don't have to break the bank to get it!

Wanderlust Design specialise in one-page websites (or landing pages) for those just starting out in business who need an online presence that's going to stand out from the crowd.

As with all our website designs, each landing page is totally unique and created to speak to YOUR audience. 

Your one-page website will be the foundation from which it can grow. As your business grows, so does your website. We add more pages as and when you have more information or services to share, and the budget to grow it... page-by-page if necessary. I love nothing more than creating a bespoke one-page site for a client and in a few months they come back to add more because their business has grown and now their website needs to as well.

We have 3 easy scalable design and hosting options to suit any budget:

The Essentials


This package gives you your professionally designed one-page website for the least cost.

  • save dollars in hosting and domain name fees with this package as you are just paying for my design expertise

  • this will then be the foundation to upgrade with your own domain name and full website hosting with WiX when you are ready to upgrade (see Next Level)

  •  a 'free' website with WiX will have their branding advertising at the top of the site and a non-unique domain name. This is not as professional as having your own domain and no branding but it's a step to get you out there.

Here's an example:

  • there is no SEO (search engine optimisation) with a free site, so no one can find you by searching Google

  • but it gives you the opportunity to share a lot more information  about who you are and what you do.



This package is the Bare Bones UPGRADED version, giving you a professionally designed one-page website. 


This option gives you the full-shebang in that your site will have:

  • branded domain name and paid hosting (see below for Additional Costs)

  • full SEO and page description utilising critical keywords for your business

  • connection to Google Search Console so potential clients can find you when searching online.

Content to include on your page:

  • Introduction

  • About section

  • Services on offer

  • Testimonials

  • Contact

  • Social Media links

Here's an example:

This site is where you grow from. It will become the Home page for your full site further down the track as other pages can be added as and when required.

Additional Costs:

  • Domain name hosting

  • Site hosting on WiX

  • Website Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

Website in a Day


This option gives you the full service of Next Level but we create and complete your one-page website in ONE DAY!

What you get:


  • exclusive use of my time for the entire day to create and finish your one-page website. 

  • branded domain name and paid hosting

  • full SEO and page description utilising critical keywords for your business

  • connection to Google Search Console so potential clients can find you when searching online



You must have completed my on-boarding client form and have sent me all written and image content, domain name login details etc. ready for me to get to work on our designated day.

You must be available to me all day so I can contact you with any questions and to send through the draft for you to review before we finalise things. This does not mean you sit with me online while I do it, but you must be available for any calls and emails during the day so we are not held up. If there are any delays, then the site will not be completed in the day and it will be re-scheduled within my workflow like any other website project.

Please read my Terms of Service for this particular package before committing.

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