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6 Reasons Why I Prefer Wix as a Website Platform

Deciding which website platform to use can be a very daunting process. Each has its good and not-so-good points and it all depends on what your business needs are.

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I find Wix creatively and technically flexible and it works well for my range of clients - from an international singer/songwriter showcasing her amazing work through video and online store; to life coaches, workshop facilitators, health and wellbeing practitioners taking bookings through their site, and creatives, hand making products to sell online. Nothing is impossible with Wix.

Here are my 6 reasons why I prefer to use Wix:

#1 - Creative flexibility - Being a drag and drop system you can put anything anywhere! You can easily change your design when needed so you are not locked into a template that is out of date or is not keeping up with your growing business.

#2 - Full customisation - You can start with one of the hundreds of template options and edit accordingly, or you can get full coding customisation for specialist functions you need.

#3 - Your Wix site grows with you - You can start with a landing page to get your online presence out there, then add pages as you grow. You can add a booking system or e-commerce upgrade for payments or store products at any time. Plus there are many additional apps that where you can add Calendar functionality, Bookings, Blogs, Memberships and online Courses.

#4 - Automatic updates - Don't worry about having to perform manual platform updates, with Wix it's all done for you. There are no crashes, no backups required, you don't have to do ANYTHING!

#5 - Easy restore - Because Wix saves your work as you go, and you can manually press SAVE as well, if you inadvertently muck something up you can just go back to your site history and restore at the press of a button - too easy!

#6 - Easy SEO/Google connection - Wix has worked directly with Google to set up an SEO Wizard that directly submits a sitemap for indexing. With Wix, SEO and advanced SEO are a breeze!

Got questions? Is Wix the best website platform for your business - contact me for a free no obligation chat and let's find out!


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