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Web Design Timelines

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Timelines can be 4-20 weeks. If I am doing a landing page, it can be more like 2-4 weeks. If I’m working with a board or multiple people making decisions, the timeline will be longer.

Getting on my schedule

Once your contract, 50% deposit, full content (answers to the questionnaire and your own written content, images you need, logo in high-res format, and everything else I've requested) is received, that is when you enter my design schedule.


Sometimes, you're plugged in within a couple of weeks for starting. Other times, I might be a month or more backed up. This is not because I'm sitting around leisurely sipping coffee and enjoying naps (I wish). This is because I am fortunate enough to work with many individuals and businesses who need my services. Timelines are longer when I have a lot of projects in my schedule. Afterall there is only one of me.


Please ensure you have ALL requested information ready to send to me before you pay your deposit. Payment of a deposit does not ensure you stay in your allocated time slot as I need the actual content in order to start.

Once I'm on your schedule, then what?

Once your project is underway, it is usually 2-4 weeks until a homepage proof (desktop view only) is provided. If there are revisions, that can add time - generally a few additional days or longer depending on back and forth.

Once the homepage proof is approved, it is another 2-4 weeks for a full website proof (desktop only and depending on size of site). If there are revisions, that adds time depending on how much back and forth there is.

Once the full website (desktop only) proof is 100% approved, I will make sure the website is perfected for phone/mobile viewing and that SEO (Google search optimization) is finalised (up to a week).


What happens if I take longer than a week to get back to you with revisions or additional information?

Given my involvement in multiple workflows, maintaining momentum is crucial once your project is scheduled. A delay of more than 5 working days (unless agreed upon) in obtaining necessary information at revision time may result in your project being rescheduled, with the next available slot potentially  a month (or more) away. Please keep this in mind if you have a specific deadline we’re working towards.


If there is a delay of more than 60 days (depending on the scope of the project), I reserve the right to charge a re-start fee to review the project as to what work remains to be done, and adjust for any pricing increases.

What’s the finalisation process?

When we have a final approval of the website (desktop/mobile), I will send your final invoice. Once paid, we are ready to have the site go live. You will need to pay the appropriate WiX Hosting plan and I will need your domain name login details to connect the two. I will then let you know when the website is live and ready for your final inspection before you let the world know you have a sexy new website!


Once all is live and tested, I transfer the website to your own WiX account so that you are the owner and directly responsible for hosting costs.


I want to do edits; do I get any training?

Once the site is live, we will schedule a training session (around 30 minutes) which will be held and recorded over Zoom so that you can learn how to do minor updates to text and images, add any shop items or videos, blogs etc. The session is recorded so you can reference it in the future.

I refrain from providing design training due to its many nuances. Should you independently attempt design edits and risk compromising the site's integrity, I can offer assistance at my hourly rate. Alternatively, you may opt for one of my
Maintenance Packages which offer cost-effective, long-term savings. Specialising in this area, I guarantee quick, efficient, and knowledgeable service, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best.😊


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